Star Staffing Alpena will assist you in finding the right employee to fit your needs. Once you know the nature of the position(s) being filled, all you need to do is contact Star Staffing Alpena and we find you the right employee for the position.

Star Staffing Alpena will need to know for the position(s):

  • What skills are required
  • When employment will begin
  • How long employment will last
  • How many hours to be worked and shifts
  • Often times the rate the employee is to be paid

Once we have this information, we will contact and screen our employee’s to find the best person to fit your needs. Star Staffing Alpena performs background checks, including a criminal background check and drug testing.

As the employer of record, Star Staffing Alpena will:

  • Issue the paycheck to the employee(s)
  • Deduct and pay all state and federal taxes including the matching contribution
  • Cover worker’s compensation
  • File all state and federal reports
  • Issue year-end W-2s

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We consider Star Staffing to be an intricate part of our business and a valued business partner.
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